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August 31             First Day Handout             Assignment 1      

Files for Textbook Tutorial           

Files for Additional Assignment   Also called StepByStepTableDesign    



September 7         Assignment 2                       Access Tutorial 2 - Maintaining a Database             

Terms for Tutorial 1                                                                         


September 14      Assignment 3                       Gradebook Field Possibilities Exercise        

LAST YEAR’S Project Requirements (yet to be adjusted for this year)

Terms for Tutorial 3



September 21      Assignment 4                       No class



September 28      Assignment                          No class



October 5             Assignment 4                       Wildcard Practice                                Complete Tutorial 4 and all incomplete homework.  Unless some of you are just holding out on me, you are very behind.   We should be testing tonight on Tutorials 1 - 4.  We will skip the in-class review on this one so we can, for sure, have the in-class review on the Test II.  Attached is the review. 

                                The assignment for Tutorial 4 is simply to do the tutorial (textbook chapter).  This is making it very, very light and, I hope you will learn enough doing just this small amount. 


Your grades as they exist right now are on the website.  Go to ( That means to put your G00 number then a period and pdf)  Only you will know your G00 number to be able to see it.  If you have no Chapter 1, 2, 3, etc. below your attendance and no checkmarks in HW1, HW2, etc., I have no work for you.  This is week 6!  1/3 of the course has passed!  I know we have had some setbacks, but you must get going!


October 12           Assignment                          Test I Review                       Test I Review Answers                     QBE Pane for Practicing!                               


                                                                                Tutorial 5 Notes



October 19           Assignment



October 26           Assignment                          IIF and Calculated Fields      Gradebook                              Sorting and Grouping Examples                   



November 2         Assignment                          Test II Review Instructions                Test II Review Database


We will go over Chapter 9.1 (We skip 8 completely) and then complete the test review.  Do try to do it on your own;

you might enjoy having two weeks to work on it.  The test will be very similar but a little shorter. 


HOMEWORK:    You need to be caught up by our test on November 16!  Homework turned in but not graded may be a 100

automatically, but homework not turned in is a zero!  All must be caught up by November 16’s test! 


That’s two weeks! 




November 9         Assignment                          REMEMBER - Tutorial portion of each Chapter 1 - 7 is due on November 16 at the test!  We did a couple of reviews, but the

homework assigned has been very light in amount and just following the book’s instructions - nothing on your own, which I expect you to learn by yourself. 

You may certainly do additional work! 


Additional materials for future assignments: 


Aggregates and Calculated fields         Grouping in reports 1         Conditional IIFs and Many-to-Many Joins            


Pix of Grouping Sections       Exploring Nested IIFs.doc     


Relationships Chapter 9.doc            Update Query example.jpg                    Exploring Nested IIF Functions


November 16       Assignment



November 30       Assignment                          More on CalculatedFieldsOrAggregateFunctions    FinalWrapUp       SortingAndGroupingExamples    



December 7          Assignment                          Access XP Test III Review With Answers                    Calc Field Or Aggregate                  Project Grading Sheet                     


Explanation-Joining Many-to-Many With Detail Table                         Find Duplicates Query                   


InvestigatingJoins1.mdb                                  Join Type Examples                         Join Type Info


                                                                                Joins Investigated Completed                         Many-To-Many Trial.mdb                              Level III Notes                   


Macro Notes       


                                                                                Northwind Dissected                          Relationships Chapter 9                   Relationships                      


What Type Join Do You Need?                     




December 14                                                       You only thought we were finished! 


                                                                                Access is not easy.  However, just think about this:


To get to this very important place, someone says to you:  “Go down this street (the one you are on) and when you see a stop sign

on the right, go right for 5 blocks.  Then make a left.  Go that way for 3 miles until you come to a blue house.  At the blue house,

make a left and go 7 miles until you see a house with red brick and white trim.  Make a right there and go 2 blocks.  The house

will be the one on your right. 


Sounds pretty easy, but what if you miss the first stop sign.  It is behind a bush.  You go to the second stop sign.  You otherwise follow

the directions.  Do you think you will be anywhere near the desired house?  Probably not!  However, just fixing one “turn” would

have put you on the right track. 


The table design is like that turn.  If your PK-FKs are not set right, or if you have fields on the wrong table, then you have made

 an early wrong turn that takes you “nowhere.” 


Fix that, and you have a pretty good database. 


                        Here’s an example!    Original Database with problem                 Instructions on fixing it                             One for practice




What Do We Need to Do?               Table Design PowerPoint     Vet Office Example