Stroke Treatment and Assessment Register ™

-  S.T.A.R. ™


S.T.A.R. ™ is a full C.R.I.E.R. ™ -type database designed to document

clinical outcomes and quality-of-care improvement initiative data. 


As in C.R.I.E.R. ™  and C.R.I.E.R.-Lite ™, background programming in Visual Basic™ offers protection against serious data entry omissions, reference range violations, inclusion and exclusion criteria violations, and data entry errors.   


S.T.A.R. ™ tracks patients in two separate methods:

·      repeatable entries for an individual patient on the same visit

or hospitalization period and

·      multiple visits or hospitalizations for that same patient. 


S.T.A.R. ™ differs from C.R.I.E.R. ™ in its complex timing of events. It also

contains many different formats of the included forms, as noted below.


Many responses are aided by clickable auto-scripts which facilitates

·      thoroughness of entries by poor typists,

·      consistent data entry,

·      elimination of spelling errors, and

·      counting of similar responses without regard to input order.

Users are also able to input additional information, as warranted. 


S.T.A.R. ™ has an improved format with

·      left-side buttons rather than top rows of tabs, 

·      larger page size,

·      repeatable forms with repeatable subforms,

·      historical information visible in spreadsheet format,

·      side-by-side comparison of historical data, and

·      Forms which remain on top of the current form, visible

throughout the data-entry process (and moveable around screen)


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